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Make these changes for a healthier lifestyle.

When it comes to being healthy, most people think it’s about eating lots and lots of vegetables with intense cardio sessions but there is more to that than you think! …

Why you should be doing bodyweight exercises .

No doubt, everyone feels like you need to be in a gym lifting weights and using the treadmill in order to attain your dream physique. Although hitting the gym is not a bad idea as you can see results if and only if you are consistent and dedicated. …

My top 5 exercises for full body fitness.

In the course of today’s story, i will be guiding you through the top five exercises you need to be doing or at least incorporate into your workout regimen for optimal gains.

Now there is no one good exercise which can get you ripped but there are several which can…

Complete guide to gaining an aesthetic physique.

Its a new year again and people are setting resolutions and fitness goals to get that body they have always wanted but not many will be patient enough to get to the point where they see results and it often makes people give up on fitness as a whole but…

Complete workout for getting that summer bod plus dieting tips.

Firstly i want to welcome you to 2021 and i hope you achieve every goal you have set and even more. Yes 2020 was a rough year but you have a chance to make this year better. I know you probably set fitness goals for last year but could not…

My personal ab routine for a better midsection

No doubt everyone wants a six pack but they don’t want to put in as much work as it takes to achieve that great midsection. When it comes to ab training, certain things will have to be considered to get you to your goal and your diet is key.


Strictly bodyweight exercises for your leg day.

Episode 3: leg day

Yes it’s that time of the week again where you train them legs! I know skipping leg day is a very common thing for individuals in the fitness industry but i think your legs deserve as much love as your chest and biceps.

I will be…

Strictly bodyweight exercises for your pull day.

Episode 2: pull day

A pull day is one in which you train all muscles involved in pulling. This includes your back and biceps. I’ve put together a routine which will help you target these muscles with minimal equipment and no external weight needed.

Workout summary

Workout time: 30–45 minutes

Strictly bodyweight exercises for your push day.

Episode 1: Push day

Kicking the bodyweight series off we will start with a push day. A push day is a day in which you train your chest, shoulders and triceps. This is a scientifically structured split as it trains all muscles in the upper body used for pushing.


What you should know if you finally decide to change your physique.

No doubt everyone wants to get a monster transformation like zac efron and they want to get it now! But there are certain things you need to know about making drastic changes to your overall physique. Today i will cover most of the key points to note if you seek…


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